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Mikah Turner 

Registered Clinical Counsellor



My name is Mikah Turner-Alexander and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#13629) providing online and in-person therapy to individuals and couples. 

Asking for help is the first step towards healing. 

My passion for helping those feeling stuck is what drives the work that I do. Whether those stuck and helpless feelings stem from a relationship, life transition or trauma, I believe everyone has the right to be seen and the ability to find their way through life's challenges. 

Maybe you have thought about counselling before, but didn't think your situation was "bad enough". Perhaps you have asked friends and family for advice and still have not found the support you need. Please don't wait until you burn out. Together we can hold space as you begin to find the answers you're looking for.   


Thank you for considering me during this leg of your journey.

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Counselling can be the time when you put your mental health on the top of your to-do list. A time to give yourself the grace that you effortlessly give to others.


Are you tired of feeling the weight of all of those parenting tasks? Overwhelmed with conflict in your relationships? Together we can start to explore the reasons why and build your toolbox to ease some of those challenges. Are you struggling with a difficult decision, feeling worried about how the pandemic is impacting you, or in a new phase of your life that is causing you to redefine who you are and who you would like to become? You are not alone! I believe you are capable of not just surviving, but thriving.  


Finding the right fit in a counsellor is crucial to the success of our time together. My goal is to provide a safe space where you can be your authentic self. If you have any questions                      to schedule a consultation. 

"I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength" - Alex Elle

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